Bronte Reilly, 20, Student & Blogger, Leeds

“My entire life has changed as a result of doing the life-coaching programme with Addictive Daughter. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made and I can’t put a price on what I’ve gained from the experience. It has kick started things that I have known would make my life beautiful for a long time, but wasn’t able to do without the support, accountability, guidance and love that I got from Persia. I now have overwhelming hope for the future. 

It helped me to experience a complete undoing of overwhelm, long-term depressive moods, and the strength to deal with shitty moments even in the midst of them. I have a totally new perception of myself, my body, money and my life purpose. I no longer have wobbly days or weeks, only wobbly hours now and then. I’m more consistent, more diligent, more committed, and more relaxed in all areas of my life. I’ve started treating my body so well, writing again, and I feel happy, calm and completely faithful in the future. I’m also more organised, but at the same time, more easy going! 

I loved my gorgeous mentor Persia, too. Her greatest strength was her gentleness mixed with no bullshit approach. I felt extremely comfortable with her and not psycho-analysed! It was also so lovely to have a young person as my coach as we could talk on the same level of awareness & about similar interests. 

This six weeks has been the most transformative in my entire life. I will always remember it as the turning point in my relationship with myself, my body, and my purpose. So yes, you could say it has been good value for money!!! I feel like I should be paying AD a commission for all the good I receive in the future! Thank you Persia & Joey for showing up & providing this work. If you’re reading this, just do it, do it, do it – the world needs the happiest you.”

Neo Khama