Vanessa Kirby, 27, Actress, London

“I’d never really done anything like life-coaching before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew I needed help from someone about some internal issues I had clearly never addressed. The easiest thing is to bury them away year after year, but inevitably, they always surface.

The main thing that the coaching sessions did was help me to become SO much more self-aware!  Before, I’d act out behaviours and not even realise that I was really doing those things out of fear – all bred from low low self-worth, anxiety, doubt & paranoia.  Persia helped me identify where these things were coming from, and to be alert to when they do surface, which has helped me to confront the things I’ve always wished I could change, but never knew how.

Most of all, the coaching helped me shift my mindset to a more positive one from a default negative one. I now feel there is hope. I loved how the coaching provided such unexpected results – suddenly Persia would make me see something about myself so clearly that I had never even seen before – to the extent that it would make me laugh out loud!  It’s those insights that I truly believe you can’t do on your own – I really did need a guide & mentor to direct me to a starting place of self-discovery & growth.

I know I’m at the beginning of a great journey to finally look at myself and confront the issues that had been buried for a long, long time, and I’m slowly becoming a much healthier, happier person because of Addictive Daughter.  I highly recommend this life-coaching programme because I’m sure you’ll see a massive transformation, as I have done.  The best thing is, both Persia & Joey speak from experience and I can completely identify with them.  They are also examples which I can aspire to, and I know I can get to where they are because they have trodden the path before me.”

Neo Khama
Cassandra Hall, 26, Advertising Exec, London

“My first hesitation was – am I really in such a negative place that I have to seek self-help? I soon came to realise that the Inner Fix coaching wasn’t actually offering ‘help’ in the crisis-sense, but firm guidance as we navigate through our hectic lifestyles. 

There was the concern around whether I would be comfortable enough to open up / let someone else in and reveal those private issues and feelings you tend to keep hidden from public view. But at the end of the day I was so eager to get started. I hit a point where I realised that I truly needed to speak to someone – someone impartial, someone who wouldn’t judge, someone who could impart real honest, and relevant advice. 

As a twenty-something today, you can’t help but be plagued by feelings of low self-worth, anxiety, even fear – there’s this constant pressure to have to all figured out, to truly live life to the absolute full. What I’ve come to realise from my coaching sessions is – not only is this completely normal, but it is possible to shift this more negative mind-set. And I can honestly say that I’ve now got far more clarity and perspective on life. I can confront my issues and manage them – and as a result I’m in a much happier place.

Just having a dedicated mentor/guide who could actualise issues and events with their own personal experiences was invaluable. Joey had such a lovely, positive energy and spirit, which lifted me in our sessions – these were a highlight of my week. For the first time in a long while I feel I’m on the right path to becoming a more happier, balanced person. I’m more connected to my feelings and behaviours and have slowed down the pace to truly appreciate the experiences and moments that make life so exciting.

I would absolutely recommend coaching to everyone facing similar issues but thinking there is no support, that no one who understands – Addictive Daughter is your answer. I’ve even been passing on advice and tools to my friends. Persia and Joey – being of similar age to me – are such figures of inspiration. Their beliefs around, and work towards helping us live a happier, fuller life is incredible.”

FeaturedNeo Khama
Hattie Rykens, 27, International Co-ordinator, London

“I had always heard from others how beneficial life-coaching was, but had never really thought of it for myself. Luckily, when Addictive Daughter came into my life through a third party, I jumped at the chance. I was very used to therapy throughout my life, but once I understood more about AD, I just felt that their outlook and goals mirror my own.

My entire life has been turned upside down – in the best possible way, and I haven’t even finished yet – I still have two more weeks of the coaching left, but so far, the transformation has been nothing less than a miracle. My strength & confidence has skyrocketed, and I have been able to deal with some major changes and a couple of hardships that I would not have been able to face before the coaching. I am becoming the person I always wanted to be through AD; my life, my happiness and my world is now a brighter place.

My favourite part of the coaching is the relationship I have built with Persia – the love & guidance that has come from someone who really has stood in my shoes. She laid out a programme for me that was specific to me and at each point (the highs and the lows), and she has always been at the end of a call or a text – I didn’t have to wait for my weekly session. It feels really personal, and that really opens you up to trust and let yourself go. Persia was such an inspiration to me because she showed me what the other side looked like. She was gentle and loving with me, but didn’t let me bullshit her. The structure of the programme also didn’t let me get away with excuses and hide behind the defences I have used in the past to stop myself going deeper. She really has become my rock.

I have reconnected with the best sides of me – the spiritual side that I felt I lost for a while, and I even got my arse back in the gym! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted that has opened me up to new & exciting experiences. I feel like my relationship with people, with my work and with myself have been given a new lease on life, and now I look forward to the day and the possibilities that lay ahead. What I love most about this process is that this is never ending if I don’t want it to be – I have been given tools and actions in a gentle and loving way that now I can use to keep moving forward, one day at time.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this coaching programme – this process is life changing. I could have kept going in the same patterns & behaviours without too many consequences, however, when you make yourself willing to really look at yourself through something like AD, you soon realise that life can be so much better than you ever dreamed – all you need is a little bit of guidance.

I am just so utterly grateful to Persia & Joey for everything. Addictive Daughter is a beautiful brand, run by beautiful people, and I just hope that more people can find what I have found through them.”

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Hannah Warren-Green, 25, Actress, London

“My life has completely changed since working with Addictive Daughter. The coaching and support I received from Persia has been invaluable in finding my strength and happiness. For the first time in my life I feel I have clarity and peace in my life.

Opening up and talking about things can be hard, but I trust Persia and the methods that Addictive Daughter use to guide you. They are foolproof, and I have even tipped a couple of friends off about certain things that helped me, and guess what? Their lives seem to be shifting into better, happier places too.

Persia & Joey empowered me again when I was at my most crushed and lost. I don’t know where I’d be without their guidance and support.”

Neo Khama
Jodie Kimber, 24, Mental Health Nurse, Barrow-in-Furness

“I was a bit dubious about the coaching being only 6 weeks long, as I didn't think I'd make much progress over what seems like a small time frame – how wrong I was!

I've come to be more accepting of my body both physically and mentally. I've noticed that my self-worth has improved, too. I now don't feel as though I'm beneath everyone else, that I should put other people’s needs first and that I'm not worthy of love from either myself or anyone else. 

I gave me so many tools to help build the confidence to follow what I believe my purpose on this earth is - which is really liberating!!

I loved the structure of the coaching, and that you had homework to complete each week in preparation for the next session. It sounded like a real chore at first, but once I saw the impact that doing it was having on myself, my life and the people around me, I knew that it was worth it. I also loved the variety of the topics covered – it really does touch on every part of your life and gives you the initial guidance, support and tools to carry on building the areas up over time.

I feel that I have become more loving, open, honest and accepting of myself, which for me is amazing. Although I've still got a way to go, I now have the inspiration and motivation that I need to carry on working on myself. 

I've already recommended this programme to two of my friends. I think that if it can help me see myself differently, feel differently and make me more organised and positive in my life, then it can for anyone! 

The fact that both Joey and Persia are so open and honest about their own experiences is excellent too, and really makes you believe that things will turn out alright in the end.”

Neo Khama