Dr Linda Papadopoulos

"The beauty of Addictive Daughter is in its approach to problem solving: It's solution-focused, it's positive, it's friendly as opposed to preachy, and it addresses genuine issues with both wisdom and sensitivity. And the biggest asset, of course, are the lovely Persia and Joey; these super smart young women provide a fresh, intelligent perspective on the issues that so many Gen Y-ers face today. I have to say that when you speak to them, you get how much this matters to them - their passion and dedication to their work is truly inspiring!"

Sadie Macleod, Hip & Healthy Magazine

"addictivedaughter.com fills a serious gap in the market here in the UK. Gorgeous girls, Persia and Joey break the barriers built around self-help and demonstrate that it needn’t be something associated with weeping women at the back of the bookshop reading “You Can Heal Your Life”. They are grabbing the taboo by the balls, and just by doing so, are helping many ladies out there seek help without having to feel ashamed about it. I am a total fan."

PraisePersia & Joey
The Huffington Post

"There's nothing quite like this in the UK... This is for young women, by young women and the language is helpful but not patronising, understanding but not judgmental."

PraisePersia & Joey
CHARLOTTE HOPE, actress (Game of Thrones)

“Persia and Joey are a real inspiration. They are vivacious, generous and living life to the full. Their message of finding happiness and being comfortable in your own skin resonates so strongly with girls in their 20s who are feeling a bit lost. These girls are little modern day fairy god mothers casting spells to bring you happiness, fulfilment and inner serenity.”

Action on Addiction, Charity

“Addictive Daughter should be every young person’s latest accessory!  So many young people think that a life without drugs and alcohol is pointless and boring – Addictive Daughter shows that it doesn’t have to be. These young ladies embrace life.  Two cool girls and a load of ideas and advice to show how to avoid losing weekends to hangovers and comedowns – what’s not to like?”