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How to stop technology from stealing your happiness (*click here to comment)


It’s a Tweeter!
“Reclaim your time by getting offline.” – @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedtotheGoodStuff



Hello ADs,


It’s 7am. Your alarm goes off.


After pressing snooze 3 times, you finally turn it off and start scrolling through your emails, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook feeds, to see what you’ve missed out on while in the land of nod.


You continue to do this throughout the day, and then again last thing at night before bed.


But, you’re not alone.


You see, we’ve all become totally addicted to technology.


We kid ourselves that it’s all in the name of staying ‘connected’ & ‘on top of things’, when in reality, it’s just another way of avoiding the real connection that can only come from engaging with a human being – face-to-face.


No only that, but recent studies have shown that too much technology can zap your energy levels and make you extremely unfocused & unproductive – as well as depressed.


If you know you’re a Tech Junkie, check out our latest Life Nugget, where we’ll share 2 tools to help you break your addiction to it – and reclaim your time, joy & sanity.


Why spend all your time existing in a virtual world, when there’s so much gorgeousness to be experienced for real out there?


We’d love to hear what your strategy is for reclaiming your time (and sanity) in the comments below – we’re always up for learning new tips!


Huge love,

Persia & Joey xx

Banish BLUE MONDAY BLUES with this 10 second tool (*click here to comment)


It’s a Tweeter!

“When you have a bad attitude, replace it with gratitude.” – @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedtotheGoodStuff


Hey ADs,


We decided to put out a spontaneous vlog upon hearing that today is Blue Monday – apparently the most depressing day of the year.


With the nights even longer & the days even shorter – and all the merriment of Christmas & the New Year festivities well and truly over, many of us have been feeling really low and lethargic – with nothing on the near horizon to look forward to.


We both felt this energy ourselves – even deciding that January was a month we ‘just had to get through’.


Luckily, we caught ourselves in time to realise that that’s no way to envision an entire month of your life – especially when it’s the first month of the year!


In today’s Life Nugget, we share with you a quick handy tool we’ve been practicing to make the last days of January as joyful and exciting as we possibly can.


It’s not too late to turn your January around. In fact, this tool is so effective, we recommend you try it for the next few months – we guarantee it will make a huge difference to your general outlook on life…


In the comments below, please do let us know the BEST thing that’s happened in your day so far – we can’t wait to hear them!


Big love,
Persia & Joey xxx




The secret to having the best Christmas ever (*click here to comment)

It’s a Tweeter! “Give your presence, not presents this Christmas.” – @lululemon via @AddictiveDau #givepresence   Seasons greetings ADs!   We’ve got something really important we want to share with you in today’s Life Nugget.   It’s guaranteed to totally revolutionise your (and your loved…