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“If you want to experience flow, be brave and let go.” – @AddictiveDau 



Hello ADs,


Do you ever get ‘The Fear’ when you think about a particular situation in your life in which you currently have no (or very little) control?


One minute, you’re feeling absolutely fine, and the next, something triggers you to think about that situation and you instantly feel horrific.


Often, this manifests itself as a tight ball of anxiety in your chest or the pit of your stomach.


Sometimes, the feeling grows so intense that you experience a full blown panic attack.


The funny thing is, nothing on the outside has actually happened – yet it’s as though your entire world has fallen apart.


As two recovering control freaks, we have to come back to the analogy we share in today’s Life Nugget every single day to remind ourselves how to approach all situations beyond our control.


We’d love to hear what your “River Bank” situation is at the moment (watch the vlog for that to make sense!) and how you plan to get back into “flow”, so please share with us in the comments below.


Biggest love,

Persia & Joey xx




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