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3 tips to finding your ‘Soul Project’ w/ Ruby Warrington


It’s a Tweeter!

“Your Soul Project is that thing you could think & talk about all day long without realising the time.” @The_Numinous via @AddictiveDau

We’re curious: If you were hosting a dinner party & had to set a theme for discussion for the evening, what would it be?


Maybe you’re obsessed with healthy living, and could while away the hours talking about all the best new green juice recipes & 10 min online workouts.


Perhaps you’re obsessed with the Beatles & could happily whittle on about Abbey Road until dawn.


Or, like us, you’re fascinated by relationships, and would relish an evening with your girlfriends spent mulling over how to have happier ones.


Whatever topic sets your soul alight & your tongue wagging for lengthy periods at a time – we call this your ‘Soul Project’, and in today’s Skype Nugget, we talk to former Sunday Times Style Features Editor, Ruby Warrington, about how to find yours.


After you’ve seen the vid, let us know in the comments below what your dinner party theme would be…



Persia & Joey xx

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