We’re Persia + Joey – friends, life-coaches and the founders of Addictive Daughter.

Having been caught up in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour and come out the other side; in 2012 we set up AD to support others through the stresses + pressures of modern living by helping them to 'get addicted to the good stuff'.


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LIFE MEDS is a meditation program designed to heal + improve every area of your life. Through these 9 bespoke meditation tracks, you'll be gently and lovingly guided to release your fears, self-doubt and insecurities, creating the space and confidence that will transform your inner and outer reality - fast.

Through focused breathing exercises, visualisations and positive affirmations, the LIFE MEDS meditation program is guaranteed to drastically enhance your experience of life - try it out and see for yourself!



We have a vast collection of short 'Life Nugget' videos on this site that offer support + guidance in the areas of dating, work, money, self-worth, health and much more. Filled with practical tips to keep you moving forward, our Nuggets will inspire you to become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself – inside + out.


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Feeling Bored In Your Relationship?

How To Get Back To The ‘Honeymoon’ Phase.






Hattie Rykens, 27
International Co-ordinator, London

My entire life has been turned upside down from Addictive Daughter’s life-coaching programme. My strength and confidence has sky-rocketed. The transformation has been nothing less than a miracle.



Catherine Robson, 25
Entrepreneur & Founder of Big Pip Marketing, Surrey


The shifts in my life, and in myself, have been immense. Happier, more daring and more confident, life-coaching with Addictive Daughter has helped me take my life to the next level.



Cassandra Hall, 26
Advertising Exec, London

Addictive Daughter’s life-coaching programme has given me so much clarity and perspective on life. To anyone struggling with low-self worth, anxiety of fear, Addictive Daughter is your answer.